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As many used cameras do not have this filter-key anymore (because the owner has lost it), it is very simple to replace it using a piece of plastic shaped as Greek letter P Its merits include 24fps running speed, no separate meter battery required and full cartridge film speed sensing It probably does not have a solenoid release so beware flash frames when starting and stopping with the electric remote control button like the original 814 Autozoom

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My example came in a smart black hard case that is much more durable than the soft cases supplied with later Canons that have mostly distintegrated after 35 years These cameras were made in large volumes and can be found for very reasonable prices on eBay (see below) The Super 8 system instigated the concept of the home movie and has been the starting camera for major iconic directors such as Peter Jackson, Steven Spielberg, and Ridley Scott Super 8 cameras feature an easy to load plastic cartridge that does not require the fiddly process of threading film through a roll Canon Super 8 cameras were reliable and performed exceptionally well, without carrying an eye watering price tag The Canon 814XLS is known for possessing a great range of extra sharp lens options, as it was a camera used both recreationally and professionally

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Be wary of purchasing cameras that rely on old battery models or 1970s rechargeable units as they may be hard to find Super 8 cameras are still available from brands, like Canon, for those who wish to utilize the style of Super 8 for their films and presentations Used for style and other techniques like standard stop-motion, cell animation, and speed effects that cant be accomplished with a digital format, Canon Super 8 vintage movie cameras can be a functional addition to a filmmakers toolbox Reflex cameras permit the user to see the image through the lens or precisely the image being captured Viewfinder cameras show an image that can be a good deal different from what will ultimately be captured